Not quite a Fat Elvis…

Dmitri doesn’t really like sweets. And although I regularly buy ice cream and bake (sometimes even successfully!) for him, certain that a delicious pint of Blue Bell or batch of peanut butter cookies will eventually correct this character flaw preference, I’m often forced to eat dessert alone. And I’m usually ok with that. Usually.

But sometimes, I yearn for those evenings I spent with my college roommate, Kinsley, watching Friends, eating brownies straight from the pan, and picking all of the good chunks out of the ice cream. So when she offered to meet Lily and me in New Orleans a few weeks ago, I got excited–little kid excited– because New Orleans has always been one of my dream food destinations. I immediately went to work, researching and reading and asking around, fully committed to finding the yummiest places to eat.

I don’t want you to get the wrong impression. We made plans to do other things, too. We visited Jackson Square, the aquarium, and Cemetery Number One. And we were really excited about jogging along the St. Charles, which we definitely almost did. Almost.

But instead, we found ourselves here : Twice. And we had the most terrific cupcakes.

Everything we tried was wonderful. The cream cheese frosting on the Red Velvet that Kinsley chose was perfect, and my Chocolate Extreme was pretty darn chocolately. It was the Fat Elvis, however– a banana cupcake with whipped peanut butter frosting– that really knocked my socks off. And after we finished up, we returned to our hotel, took a nap, and then ate more cupcakes.

 Sitting in our hotel room, drinking Diet Coke (which, we decided in college, completely negates the caloric impact of any baked goods it is consumed alongside of) and licking all traces of cake off of our fingers, it hit me: Everything tastes better when you have someone wonderful to share it with– and, lucky for me, Kinsley is always willing to share her dessert.

This morning, nearly a month later, I woke up craving a chat with Kins and a Fat Elvis cupcake. Because both live too many miles away, and because I’m still trying to burn off the calories I consumed  in New Orleans, I am going to make this yummy banana bread instead. And then, I’m going to crack open a Diet Coke and call my old roommate.

Banana Bread

Cream: 1 C. sugar

                ¼ C. canola oil

                1 tsp. vanilla 

Add:      ¼ C. applesauce

                2 eggs

                3 Tbsp. Plain yogurt

                1 C. mashed ripe banana

 Mix in:  1 C. whole wheat flour

                1C. all-purpose flour

                ¼ tsp. salt

                1 tsp. soda 

Fold in: ½ C. chocolate chips and/or ½ C. peanut butter chips and/or ½ C. nuts

 Pour into loaf pans or muffin tins and bake at 325 for 1 hour.


One Response to “Not quite a Fat Elvis…”

  1. You, my sweet step daughter, are amazing! What a darling post; the photo just adorable. I’m thrilled you have your dear friends……they are just the best, aren’t they? And the food…….I can almost taste the Fat Elvis…almost. Geez…..

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