Well Seasoned

This will be Kayti-the-Wonder-Dog’s first holiday season with the extended Carwile-Williams tribe.  And yes, she will have a treat-filled stocking hanging on Al’s fireplace mantel come Christmas morning. 

He’s been charmed by this russet-coat canine since he and his son Matt drove to Missouri in late October to bring her home. After the economy cost her first family their residence and pets, she had been lovingly harbored by Jennifer and Scott Schoonover of Midwest Brittany Rescue. (Thanks again, Jen and Scott!)

The loss of loved ones clearly has left its mark on Kayti’s six-year-old spirit. Anyone’s departure has her whining at the door. Every return elicits joyful barks and squeals. We hope the anxiety will heal with time. But it may not. 

And we’re prepared to live with that.

It’s true for all of us, I guess.

A major loss leaves us wondering if things will ever be easy again.

We sit as confused as the spot-eyed dog in the old RCA commercials.

We do a little whining.

We scratch a bit at the door.

Then something good enters and we start believing.

The mark may go away, as seasons—including holiday seasons—pass.

It may not.

But we learn:  we can live with that.


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