Old Dogs. New Tricks. Great Art

“Yellow Gem” 

© Ricardo DeOlivera 2010


When I began freelancing in 1982, DeOlivera Creative was one of my first clients. The studio was sizzling, designing logos and collateral for some of the region’s top companies and winning awards all the way. The studio owner was infamously tough, demanding precision and perfection from his designers, his photographers and his copywriters.

My classic conversation with Ricardo DeOlivera?

“Carla. I need this real estate text to be 1000 characters max. I need it today. And the first sentence must begin with the letter Q.”

Fast forward 30 years. Ricardo and I are working together again. After trading commercial design for fine art several years ago (and literally filling a dumpster with plaques and trophies as he closed shop), he’s back with a new team—DTE Creative.

We are having great fun, collaborating on new projects and reflecting on old ones. Both of us have mellowed. Both of us are grandparents. Both of us know we bring something to the creative table today we could not have envisioned in yesterday’s faster/brighter/edgier marketing world.

As for Ricardo’s fine art, he’s at the top of his game there, as well. And he’s created a studio where a diverse range of artists—sculptors, painters, illustrators, photographers—can showcase their newest works. D Gallery (www.dgallerydenver.com) is hosting its holiday open house tonight. Stop by, if you can.

And tell Ricardo that Carla wants his next painting to begin with a Q.


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