How do you measure a year?

(Lily, still in her jammies, rocking out to Rent)

Over the last few weeks, Lily and I have developed a new morning routine. After she wakes up and eats first breakfast, I put her in the Pack n’ Play with a book, pour myself a cup of coffee, turn on the computer, and head straight for YouTube. But the videos? They’re not for me. Lily has an intense love of show tunes.

Not just show tunes, I guess; she also really likes the theme song from American Dad, and she always giggles whenever we play an Arrested Development DVD– I think is has something to do with the trumpets and ukulele. But something magical– think head shaking, body flopping, toe tapping magic– occurs when she hears Seasons of Love from Rent.

Because no other song elicits quite the same response, we play Seasons of Love a lot. Over and over, many times a day. No matter what Lily is doing, she stops immediately once she hears those first few bars and begins her special baby dance. Needless to say, at any given moment, one of us is probably singing (or humming or whistling) that song. But while Dmitri’s been tired of it for almost a month, I, like Lily, love those first notes, and– at least once a day–Seasons of Love still makes me wonder: how do you measure a year?

As a new year rapidly approaches, I’m resolving to try to do more on-the-mark measuring, because it is frighteningly easy to get way too caught up in the day to day challenges (and screw ups and worries). But in spite of  this year’s steep learning curve, I know that there is so very much to feel proud of and grateful for.

Most of all, I hope that when Dmitri and I look back on 2010, we won’t remember the 2 am diaper blowouts or the sleepless nights as clearly as we do Lily’s can’t-help-but-dance mornings.


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