Bringing out the brave

I have no clue how the life/afterlife communications network really works.  There have been times, however, when I have felt with great certainty that I was “hearing” from someone I loved who was no longer on this plane.  So, I’m writing this hoping Elizabeth Edwards is able to pick up her messages on the other side of the Divine Divide.


As a woman, I want her to know the impact she has had on those of her generation.  From my workout buddy Jenny’s comment on her amazing composure during difficult times to my childhood friend Paula’s gentle reminder that we need to remember our mammograms (something Paula knows from experience), Elizabeth’s honesty has touched us deeply.


But it’s Cate Edwards’ words that have had me in tears, awe and deep thought today. Delivering the eulogy at her mom’s funeral, she made two statements that keep singing to me. 


The first: “She’s been a lighthouse to all of us — a point of guidance when we all feel lost.”


The second, and my personal fav: “She could bring out the brave in anyone.”


I would venture that all of us who are mothers—whether that blessing comes through biology, beloving or both—wonders what statement of spirit we will leave our children.  What will they remember?  What will they tell their children and grandchildren about this person who lived at a certain point in time that, by then, will seem so far, far away to young minds?


Being remembered as a lighthouse is a legacy.

Being recalled as someone who could “bring out the brave” is power at its most precious.

Thanks, Elizabeth.

Thanks, Cate.

Love, Carla


“…resilience is accepting your new reality,

even if it’s less good than the one you had,

the reality that you liked before.”

Elizabeth Edwards


3 Responses to “Bringing out the brave”

  1. What a wonderful tribute to Elizabeth Edwards. I’ve decided she knew that new word of yours……forgift. She had to, to endure the so public adventures in her marriage and life. She was on the “The View” one day. (Yes, I admit to watching this program) She seemed so strong and focused on her life as it had become. I became a big Elizabeth Edwards fan that day. RIP Elizabeth.

  2. Oh, Doris, how did I know you’d feel the same way?! Thanks. C.

  3. Carla,
    Just a beautiful piece of writing!

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