Creature Comforts

 © 2010 Enzed Design


Sometimes, business is just business.

Sometimes, business is creativity, laughter, social consciousness, beauty, kindness…plus a profit margin.

It’s those projects that leave me feeling especially fortunate.

Take my recent work with Helen Young of Enzed Design ( for Frederic Printing.  This was the third year Helen and I were invited to develop the customized gift-wrap package Frederic representatives give their lucky clients for the holidays. Designing specialty paper products—from picture frames to her newest CurliCUES™–is one Helen’s many passions, and it shows in the spirit of the finished piece.

Year One’s theme was “Let Nature Sing” with a sustainability message about Frederic’s Green Initiative. (Yes, there are ways to print that are much friendlier to the environment.) The kit earned Enzed a coveted spot in a national arts magazine.

Year Two focused on achieving great results when budgets are tighter—a theme we called “Creativity + Brevity.” (Did you know Hemingway wrote a novel with only six words?)

This year—which has been a tough business year for many—it’s all about “Creature Comforts,” saluting “the simple delight that single-handedly defeats the difficult day.” The dog at the door.  The book waiting to be read. A cup of Earl Grey tea.

But there’s another dimension to the 2010 message. The people of Frederic—plus their families, clients, vendors and friends—are building a comfortable-and-comforting Habitat for Humanity residence. It’s one of the homes that will push the Denver Habitat chapter ( past the 400 home mark.

Brainstorming the current gift-wrap project gave Helen and me time to share what really makes our houses our homes.  She’s a native New Zealander, so she’s had the chance to/challenge of building an extended family here in Colorado. Along with competitive tennis playing pals and some wicked-fun creatives, there are two well-loved cats in that package.

Something tells me she was listening closely to my list, as well. 

Because I do believe Shelley the Turtle has a cameo in the sample above.


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