Silver Belle

Several of my friends have eased themselves into retirement.

Only Connie Asher has Etsy’ed her way in. 

If you haven’t visited this omnificent online shop of all things handmade, vintage and eclectic, I suggest you pour an extra-large cup of coffee and take a peek, first chance.  It’s And it contains literally thousands of choices—everything from “Accessories” to “Woodworking.”  (C’mon, people, can’t you find at least one “Zither” to make it a full boat?)

But I digress.

 You’ll find Connie’s work at The line is named in memory of her mom.

The pieces are approachable elegance…very much like their maker.  Holding a pendant or bracelet, you clearly sense the thought that guided the choice of stones and silver that make it complete.  Having worked with Connie in the commercial art world for a couple of decades, I hear the same chords playing now as then.

 A different medium, but the same rhythm. 

I had promised myself one of her pendants for my landmark birthday last summer, but it took until Thanksgiving for me to make good on my pledge. Her pre-holiday open house was brimming with other artists, her Jazzercise friends and people we both know from our careers. I had chosen a piece when I spied the one she was wearing.  And, yes, I did unceremoniously remove it and take it home.

It’s the one on the left in the photo above.

And, no, you cannot have it.


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