Dry air.

King Soopers.

It’s so good to be back in Colorado.

When we decided, months ago, that we would take this trip, I immediately thought about how difficult it would be for us to return to Mississippi at the end of our allotted 10 days. The fear of having to leave home again made me wonder– for a full five minutes– if it would be worth it.

But of course it’s worth it.

Because we missed the landscape, and the weather, and, most of all, the people. Our people. It feels familiar, comfortable here. But although we’ve been talking about “going home” for the last few months, I’m not sure that this is it anymore.

And that’s ok.

I think James Taylor really nailed it in Enough To Be On Your Way; his vision of home as a place that you build behind your eyes serves as a beautiful reminder that that the best parts of home– family, friends, a general sense of belonging– are transportable.

This morning, Dmitri slept in. I got to drink coffee with my mom in front of the fireplace while Lily crawled between us, curious and excited to be in a new place. And I am fairly certain that home is here, in this convergence of family and love and familiarity and newness.

It’s good to be back in Colorado.

And it’s really good to be home.


3 Responses to “Home.”

  1. Home….a wonderful place wherever that might be. It’s so good to see Grandma Carla and Lily together. Know both are enjoying this tremendously.

  2. You will always have a “home” at Mom’s or wherever you grew up and you find that you will always go “back home”. Your Mom goes “back home” to Iowa. Then you and Dmitri will always have a “home” wherever you might be living at any given time. Home can be anywhere you are and of course you always want a “happy home”. Now I think I’ve just written the word home six times. You get my jest, don’t ya??? Love the picture of G’ma C and Lily. Merry Christmas. It will be one you never forget.

  3. I agree with Doris, each of us has many places we call home. Home is the people, the smells and the sounds that make you feel warm. But a mom’s home is always special because it’s your mom. You have so many years ahead and so many places ahead that you will call home. Some for a short time, some for a lifetime. I am very fortunate to include your mom’s place as somewhere I call home – for a lifetime. It’s a lovely picture of your mom and Lily. Precious moments to treasure.

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