The Christmas that…

Photo: Gillian Berger


60 Minutes’ Lesley Stahl recently did another segment on memory, interviewing people who can remember virtually every day of their entire lives. (  One of the scientific points made is that a rush of adrenaline—that “fight or flight” hormone Nature gave us to help us survive—makes a memory etch more deeply into our neuro circuits. So experience + adrenaline = wow! remember?

I’ve been thinking of that this week as I recall one holiday season after another—starting with dim images of a Christmas tree reflected in French door window panes when I was two.

There was the Christmas that my Aunt Lois died. My aunt by marriage and my godmother by choice—hers and mine—she taught me to play Scrabble to win, set a beautiful table for company and speak out for myself.

There was the Christmas that I was alone in Colorado for the first time. No money.  New job. Family gathered 750 miles away…and deep snow in Denver.  Who said “what does not kill us makes us stronger”? 😉

There was the Christmas that I was expecting Kate. Like many women pregnant with a first child at this amazing season, I couldn’t sing “What Child Is This?” without tears.  But then, again, I couldn’t watch a Kodak commercial without tears.

And just next week, I’ll have a shiny, new entry in my classic collection:  the first Christmas the kids came home. Of Lily’s crawling across my bedroom carpet.  Of the dogs, Char and Bridge, remembering their game of “cougar.” And a thousand other snapshots I won’t see until later.

Wishing you and your extended family blessings of light and love.



2 Responses to “The Christmas that…”

  1. I watched that 60 Minutes. Couldn’t believe it. Would almost be a burden. Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas. Enjoy your time with kids.

  2. Memories of Christmas past are mostly wonderful for me as well. Each year we make a new memory and one that I hope my daughters and grandson will cherish. Know you are cherishing your time with Lily….and Kate and Dimitri. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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