Beyond either/or

By kateandcarla

December 27, 2010

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My friend Connie arrived yesterday with an armful of tangerine roses.

Before I could say oh, you shouldn’t have (which we all know is code for yippee!), she smiled, said “Costco,” and pointed to The Rainforest Alliance ( icon on the floral wrapper.

Talk about a trifecta.

Here, on one dozen long stems, we had breath-taking beauty, cost-containment and eco-awareness.

I’ve been watching for examples like this all year. Part of my “beyond either/or” experiment.

I’m curious why we humans frequently see only two choices to a problem, an encounter or another person’s behavior.  We can choose/say/do this, or we can decide/argue/push for that.  Only later, when the passion has calmed and our brains have cleared, do we catch glimpses that there were other options, other opportunities.

I’m trying to be less of an “either/or” and more of an “and/also” kind of person.

To think upstream.

To not limit myself to good/bad, this/that, yes/no.

To not simplify things that are, by their very nature, complex.

For the older I get, the more I want it all.

Not “all” in a Gordon Gecko greed sort of way, but “all” in not diminishing the power of a good decision.

So today, as my grandgirl is being dressed for her first zoo visit—where a stop in the rainforest exhibit ( will give her little family time to warm up on a cold Denver day, I’ve decided to hang out here.

Just stopping to smell some roses.


One Response to “Beyond either/or”

  1. Have a lovely day at the zoo! So special to have Kate home! Big kiss!

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