Anticipation as an act of faith

Photo: Russ Gillespie

When it comes to my personal faith and practice, I am an Evangelical Eclectic:  I believe it’s our divine right to claim Truth from every culture/race/time our Creator has designed, and I energetically encourage others to do the same.   Some amazing spiritual gifts have come my way as a result.

A couple from my first seder with Jewish friends are now part of my everyday mental health practice, as well.

One is the moment in the traditional dinner when a child leaves the table to open the door for Elijah the Prophet.  The open door symbolizes freedom from fear and oppression for all people.

The second symbolic act I love is at the close of the seder, when all present say, “Next year in Jerusalem.” Given all this culture and faith have experienced, it is a powerful statement of trust and pure potential.

Both the opening of the door and the looking ahead are an intentional part of my meditation this morning. The kids’ holiday visit is drawing to a close. Kate and I shared a few tears as well as a long walk this morning, talking of next week, next summer, their move from Mississippi and my plans here in Denver. It’s so easy to fear what’s ahead when we don’t know the details. So thank God for potential…for anticipation…for having one significant meet-up slated in the new year.

Knock knock.


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