In a heartbeat

By kateandcarla

December 30, 2010

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Several summers ago, my friends Gail and Will Hardesty invited me to a powwow in Pine. Will is a gourd dancer (, Navajo by adoption,  and one of the few Anglos authorized to practice law on the Dine Nation.

The day of the Pine dance, Gail and I stood directly behind the Southern Drum drummers. I shared with her the moment the strong, even rhythm seemed to sync with my own pulse, which brought a knowing smile and the explanation that the drums are singing Mother Earth’s heartbeat.

Just a year ago, Gail was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  She passed in mid-April, a single day after my grandgirl entered the world. That jarring juxtaposition of hello/goodbye, now/not, joy/grief has caused me to look at the cosmic continuum with fresh eyes. And it’s brought me to the same place James Taylor arrived in writing “It’s Enough” (

Last night, a tiny powwow was held in my living room.  The grandgirl made a joyful noise with the small drum that usually hangs by the fireplace.

Yes, the rhythm was a bit random.

But the heartbeat was Mother Earth’s.

And it was much more than enough.


2 Responses to “In a heartbeat”

  1. I’m so happy for all of you. what a love is little lillypad.

  2. to all the earth drummers of the world- happy, healthy, hopeful 2011!

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