Reflection. Relationship. Resolution.

Dmitri's new Vibram FiveFinger shoes. He's inspired by gear :).



   L.A. Times reporter Irene Lacher recently asked Deepak Chopra his views on New Year’s resolutions (   Kate and I loved his response—which replaces the annual ritual with daily reflection and quarterly silence—because it shifts personal change from drudgery into dialogue. 

Self dialogue. Partner dialogue. Community dialogue.

As Chopra states: “So instead of saying, I’m going to have all this willpower, and I’m going to try so hard, which is all mental fatigue, reflective self-inquiry spontaneously leads to change.”

 Kate: Which I really like, because the pressure’s so high with once-a-year resolutions. If I were setting my usual goals—usually something completely, totally unattainable, like eating only really healthy foods and working out every day—then I would have failed already. Because, honestly, who wants to run on a treadmill after eating dark chocolate-covered peppermint sandwich cookies from Trader Joe’s?. (They have their own Facebook page, by the way: It seems much wiser, and much more self-supportive, to keep the big picture in mind and to check in periodically to make sure that you’re on track.

 Carla and Kate:  So here’s our New Year’s wish for you. May you find a few more sweet ways to put one foot ahead of the other in 2011.  And may those steps take you where your heart really wants to go.


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