Yee haw!

It’s official: We’re all totally pumped about our move next month. Lily’s been trying on new hats, Dmitri’s been watching King of the Hill episodes (over and over and over) on Netflix, and I’m pretty sure that Charlotte’s been fantasizing about taking down an armadillo or two.

 I’ve been doing my fair share of dreaming, as well– about the Southwestern flavors that aren’t so popular here in our neck of the woods. We’re ready to take full advantage of everything that Texas has to offer (at least food-wise :)), so I’ve started collecting recipes that will help us to capitalize on a few local ingredients that we haven’t been able to find in Mississippi.

But here’s the catch: last week, Dmitri and I watched this show on TLC about serious couponers, so we’ve challenged ourselves to do a better job of seeking out deals and really sticking to a pretty strict grocery budget. I’ll be honest– we don’t spend much on entertainment, meals out, or new clothes anymore, but we  definitely struggle to keep our grocery bill under control.

Thank goodness for meals like this: Sweet Potato and Black Bean Enchiladas, found here, and thank goodness for the woman who submitted the recipe; she’s definitely a kitchen genius. My mom tested this one out on a mixed group of vegetarians, meat eaters, and gluten-free folks, and everyone loved them. I made them for Dmitri– who happens to be a picky eater and balked at the mention of a sweet potato/black bean combo– and they still made it into our regular meal rotation. I always double the green chile sauce, because it really is wonderful and because  it is nice to have around for eggs or burrito bowls later in the week.

We’re looking forward to starting fresh in a new place, and we are really excited about meeting– and sharing meals with– some of the people we meet when we get there. And although the newness is a little scary, we’re holding onto the belief that we’ll encounter other people who are just as enthusiastic about buliding community– and chowing down– as we are.


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