Score: Chris, 1; Carla, 0

By kateandcarla

February 7, 2011

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My nephew Chris is an IT wiz.

I am not.

He’s built a career on networking systems for growing businesses and global security firms.

I am a tech-shunning troglodyte.

He is a PC.

I am a Mac.

And it’s that third difference that sparks this post.

Dear Chris:  You win.  Make that won.

Remember when you visited me in 2007, and I made you go to Best Buy with me to find a great digital camera because everyone told me I needed one?  And how you chose that snazzy little Sony Cyber-shot and explained its nuances and next-level features?

Well, I never used it.

Stuck with my old 35-mm camera because it was comfortable. Until I visited Kate in Pensacola a year ago and couldn’t find film. Every so often since then, I’ve told myself I’ll archive the old and learn the new.

Yesterday was the day.

I read the manual.  I programmed the date/time stamp. I was a 21st Century grownup. Until I got to the part where I was to sync the software with my MacBook. Yep, you guessed it.  That Sony isn’t compatible with this Mac. Which sent me online to Sony, then to the Genius Bar at Apple. Sorry, everyone says. (Long pause, their part.) And did I hear correctly that you bought this four years ago and didn’t discover the problem until now? (Embarrassed pause, my part.)

So, the Sony is heading off to Iowa to live a happy life with my sister and I will secure a new Mac-ready model when the budget allows.  Until then, I’ve got one more roll of Fuji film.

The alternative would be to call Chris and see if he can find a solution.  But I know what I’ll hear.  What I always hear.

First, there will be a snort.  He will clear his throat dramatically. And before regaling me with the why PCs prevail and Macs are for the intuitive-but-not-necessarily-intelligent, he’ll utter one simple phrase:

“Experience tells me that’s an error-dot-Carla.”


One Response to “Score: Chris, 1; Carla, 0”

  1. Hey! I just got around to hooking up the back-up hard drive I have been looking at every day for the past year. Yea, it was because I couldn’t bear the unknown number of hours I expected it would be for me to get it to synch to the Mac, and then there would be the settings and the registering. Something was bound to be a nuisance. Fnally I connected it up, and –damn– it went to working doing what it was intended to do and ignoring me completely. Hmm.

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