On the road again…

By kateandcarla

February 8, 2011

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Maybe they had all been her angels, in a way– delivering her to the next place. Maybe any love we ever have is an angel in whatever form…

– Francesca Lia Block, Echo

During my freshman year in college, I came across this line in Block’s novel and it really struck a chord. When I found an artist in Santa Fe who etched personal messages into silver jewelry, I decided that wearing these words that meant so much might help me to remember that any love that we experience  is a beacon, in its own way, making the journey from one place to the next more manageable and meaningful.

Yesterday, watching my mother caulk holes in walls, magically remove  “permanant” stains, and entertain my daughter and my dog (all after flying across the country on zero sleep), I felt an incredible wave of gratitude for our angels in the flesh– the ones who show up, over and over again, to bless where we’ve been, where we’re going, and everything in between. We are so thankful for the friends, family members, and exceptionally kind strangers who have helped to make our journey-so-far– even the Mississippi part :)– so amazing.

And to my mom, our overworked, spackle-splattered, dog-and-baby-wrangling lighthouse angel?

Thanks for delivering us to our next place.


6 Responses to “On the road again…”

  1. This was a lovely post. And she is a lighthouse angel, sure enough.

  2. Godspeed.

  3. Aw, Kate……..how nice.

  4. Your mom knows “that’s what Moms are for!” And we love it!

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