Be mine

By kateandcarla

February 14, 2011

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Dmitri and I celebrated our first Valentine’s Day together four years ago with a lovely meal out and plenty of champagne.

Last year, we had a slightly less formal (but no less romantic :)) breakfast at Cracker Barrel, because Lily—still in utero—was craving pecan pancakes with real maple syrup.

This time around, we’ve each promised the other two hours of uninterrupted nap time.

How quickly—and amazingly– things change.

All week long—at the cute Greek restaurant in Jackson last weekend, and outside of the jerky stand/gas station near Houston on Tuesday, and in our Navy-issued townhouse this morning—I have found myself thinking: If someone had told me, just a few years ago, that this would be my life, I would have said no way. I had a different plan for the future—and it I’m not sure that it involved Navy bases, Texas, or little dark haired girls (of the human or canine variety).

But today, on our first walk down to the fishing pier near our new neighborhood, I watched Dmitri point out the birds, and the shells, and the palm trees to the alternately clapping and chirping Lily, while Charlotte—as happy as I’ve ever seen her—sniffed and rolled and ran around in the sand. And I realized that, although this is not quite the life that I planned, it’s so much better than I ever could have imagined.

Common sense—and experience—tell me that not all days will be so simple, or so sweet. But I know that I’ll remember this February 14th as the day I fell in love—all over again—with my three beautiful Valentines.


One Response to “Be mine”

  1. This made me tear up. Enjoy your moments. They are amazingly precious. xxoo

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