A side o’ pride

Sometimes, I do things that I’m not really proud of.

Like yesterday morning, when I snapped at Dmitri for no real reason. Or yesterday afternoon, when I put off going to the store until we were completely—yep, completely— out of diapers. And last night, when I ate half of a barbecued chicken—some skin included—in under five minutes.

Plus sides.

Bless Southerners for understanding the importance of proper meal accompaniments.

While the chicken, served out of a truck parked outside the commissary, was Texas-barbecue perfect, it was the too-tiny plastic cup of whipped cinnamon yams that really stole my heart and rendered me completely unable to unpack another box or fold any more laundry.

But because I’m fairly certain that there was more butter—and more sugar—than I cared to think about while chowing down so gracelessly, after I finally awoke from my food coma, I went searching for a recipe that I could recreate and not feel really terrible about eating. And after lots of looking around, I found this, another recipe from Heidi Swanson: http://www.101cookbooks.com/archives/nikkis-sweet-potatoes-recipe.html.

Sweet potatoes, coconut, cinnamon, maple syrup? Yes, thanks. And, unless I eat the entire batch, this a recipe I’d be proud to make– and to consume.

But if we “accidentally” run out of diapers again tomorrow and I find myself within ordering distance of a certain unsuspecting BBQ truck, all bets are off.

Photo: Flickr Creative Commons/Matthew Mendoza


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