dancing with The Star

By kateandcarla

February 21, 2011

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I have in my hand (actually, my email) an invitation from The Star.  Yes, the one and only Marvin T., who during the Blizzard of ’11 made the evening  newscast in Des Moines as he was shoveling a neighbor’s driveway.

Those of us who have known him for years were not surprised–he’s one of the really nice guys.  But nice guys make terrific teasing targets, and not long after his prime-time news debut, friends were chatting with him and about him on Facebook regarding his “15 minutes of fame.”

His response to my comment on his TV talent read thus: “I’ve been a shoveler from way back.  From those farm days to the summers at the State Fair, the shovels go wild.  As far as a movie goes, I’ve been thinking about doing a remake of “Uncle Sam and Betsy Ross” and I’m seriously thinking of casting, YES, YOU in the Betsy Ross character again.  I think my mom still has the striped pants, top hat and blue tux jacket that I can use to model a new one from.  We will be stars with all of our previous experience.”

That “previous experience” he references was the Wayne County All School Gathering in 1956. Marvin and I, representing Mrs. McMurry’s kindergarten class and Promise City Elementary School, were chosen to lead the student procession.  Our moms, Mary and Arlene, played along, sewing costumes to make the event memorable.

It was memorable, but not solely for the reasons intended.  Turns out some of the attendees were in the 14-day incubation stage of the now-mostly-history “hard” measles, which meant…that’s right…mass exposure timed precisely to coincide with the start of summer vacation.  Yep, got ’em, as did my sister Marilyn and many of our classmates. And that term describing the misery?

Spot on.


3 Responses to “dancing with The Star”

  1. Like. Like. Like.

    • Well, Doris, keep that “like x 3” in mind as I deliver one more detail: The Star also suggested he was thinking of casting Marilyn Snook Walker and you as peasant girls. Don’t know how to tell him that there were no peasant girls at the time of the American Revolution…;-)

  2. Good article. I always love reading your posts, but the ones about long-ago friends just adds something. I didn’t see Marvin’s 15-minutes of fame; but I have no doubt that he made a good shoveler.

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