Three little words…

This weekend, I happened to catch Good Morning America’s Three Words segment (watch it here: I’ve never see it before, so I’m not sure if this week’s clips were particularly poignant or not (although the beautiful couple holding the signs that read last chemo treatment and the three little kids who’d written halfway through deployment on their white paper squares definitely brought tears to my eyes), but I was both inspired by the honesty of the contributors and impressed by their brevity.

Conciseness is not my strength. I’m a rambler, no question; I usually say too much and then spend lots of time mentally editing past exchanges.  But for the last few days, I’ve tried to embrace the three words challenge by eliminating any excess and focusing on what I really mean– and what really matters.

More chocolate peanut butter cake?

I’ll run tomorrow.

Muddy pawprints on just-cleaned kitchen tile?

No big deal.

Curried tofu and veggies over quinoa for dinner?

Sounds great, Kate… (cough, gag, cough).

Yet another episode of Family Guy?

Sounds great, Dmitri…(dramatic, sarcastic sigh).

A long weekend spent with this supremely sassy, nap-refusing, frog-pajama-wearing almost-toddler?

Best Presidents’ Day. Ever.

(That last one deserves an extra word, I think). 🙂


One Response to “Three little words…”

  1. Excellent concise post!

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