That special time of year…

By kateandcarla

February 26, 2011

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There are very few foods that I won’t eat.

Liver, papaya, and durian—although I’ve never actually tasted durian– make the list, as do French toast (I know!), shrimp (sadly, it makes me really sick), tapioca pudding, and Girl Scout cookies.

Yes, Girl Scout cookies.

I know that some people—ok, lots of people—are pretty passionate about them (see here: Not funny at all. But still noteworthy :)). And I really wish that I did, too, as the mere idea of hand-delivered baked goods just gives me a little thrill. But the Girl Scout cookies of late seem to have a waxy, chemical taste that just I just can’t push past. And while I love the GS mission and plan to donate directly (, and although the woman supervising cookie sales outside of Sun Harvest last weekend suggested—convincingly—that Trefoils would make excellent teething biscuits, I will be abstaining this year.

From boxed cookies, that is.

But I will be making my own. Specifically, these: My cookies will definitely not be this pretty; I’m planning on frosted bars instead of delicate, dipped biscuits. And when I’m done, I’m going to wrap them in plastic and throw them in the freezer. Because everyone knows that there’s only one way to eat a Thin Mint.

Be advised: if anyone breaks into my stash, the punishment will be both cruel and unusual.

Orange peel of shame, anyone?


2 Responses to “That special time of year…”

  1. FYI…I won’t eat a Girl Scout cookie either. I support them and always buy some (grandkids like them), but I just can’t eat one. Now give me a homemade chocolate chip cookie and watch out!!!!

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