It’s here…

By kateandcarla

March 1, 2011

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…and I’d show you, but someone refused to open her mouth– for the 3,256th time today :).

Lil’s first tooth is here, and this tiny, benign mass of cells has left me completely unhinged.

For the record, I know that teeth are perfectly normal and absolutely necessary. In fact, we’ve been waiting on this little guy for quite a while; Dmitri and I have spent way too much time over the last few months with our fingers in poor Lily’s mouth, claiming yep, there it is– it’ll be any day now!

But last night, after I received Dmitri’s confirmation that the small, white blister and accompanying nub were, indeed, tooth-like, I cried like a baby got a little teary.

Even I know that it’s not about the tooth, really. Or the “magically” shrinking onesies, increasingly confident trips up the stairs, and ever-growing vocabulary that have all inspired surprise twinges of sadness recently. It’s just that these little, tangible things signify that  this year– this magical, wonderful year full of firsts and newness and all things baby– is coming to an end.

It isn’t that I’m anything but excited about this next chapter– and the fact that she’ll soon be walking, wearing shirts without crotch snaps, and eating fewer pureed foods thrills me to no end (yay, cake! In fact, here’s what I’m thinking of baking for her birthday celebration next month: I am, however, a little sad (and much more emotional than I ever dreamed I’d be about all of this, to be honest) to say goodbye to a year so unexpectedly challenging– and wonderful.

But I’m ready to see what year two brings, and if I’ve learned anything from Lily, it’s that real fun requires fearlessness– and more than a little faith that things are unfolding exactly as they should.

So bring on the changes, and bring on the teeth.

She’ll need ’em, for sure– I see lots of dessert in her future :).


One Response to “It’s here…”

  1. Lily is so lucky. What amazing parents she has…and oh, to get in on that cake! 🙂 xoxo

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