Brought to you by the letter B…

By kateandcarla

March 4, 2011

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My friend Kari has a real knack for finding the miraculous in the mundane. An inspired, patient, and incredibly funny 7th grade teacher, her dedication to recognizing—and honoring– the people, pets, and small acts of kindness that can transform the everyday into the extraordinary never fails to amaze me. Don’t get me wrong; Kari’s no Pollyanna. She understands that there are days when you have to dig deep and look hard to find the miracles. But she also knows that, if you are mindful and grateful and aware, they are everywhere.

This week, I’ve been trying to follow Kari’s lead. And I’m finding that something really remarkable happens when you commit to the scavenger hunt: the miracles multiply. Little miracles, big miracles, unexpected miracles. And sometimes, the Universe even tells you—in true Sesame Street fashion—that you should pay attention, because there’s theme: today’s miracles are all brought to you by the letter B.

Yep, I couldn’t believe it. But after a while, there was no denying that yesterdat was a B-miracle day.

B as in bravery, manifest in a speeding-up-the-stairs baby blur that takes my breath away.

Books too, of course, and borrowed books, specifically. Lily and I took our first trip to the library, and she was so thrilled to be there that she squealed and flapped her arms for the entire story hour. My literature-loving heart nearly burst.

And  black dogs and beach walks. I’m finding that Charlotte’s love for these outdoors—the sand, and the surf, and the squirrels– is unparalleled.

Also, baked goods. Like blondies. And these, in particular: My love for them—the toffee, and the chocolate (yep, unlike the recipe’s author, I couldn’t resist adding more), and the perfect, golden-brown chewiness–is also unparalleled.

… and browned butter. For the blondies. But this butter was so amazing—a miracle in its own right, I’d say—that it deserves its own line.

And this week’s real miracle? Blogs. Like Kari’s —visit her here : — because it helps me to remember that it’s all worth celebrating.


2 Responses to “Brought to you by the letter B…”

  1. Thanks friend. I feel famous! 🙂 What a miracle that I got to sit by you in those ridiculous “The Program” classes…your affinity for good humor, tall, cute shoes and of course ‘to-die-for chocolate cake’ sits happy in my soul. xoxo

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