The Furry Scurry

By kateandcarla

March 5, 2011

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Long before Cesar Milan was running with his canine pack through the Hollywood hills, a very proper British woman named Barbara Woodhouse was saying “Walkies!” and puppy-people like me were heeling. About the same time, the Monks of New Skete shared their training philosophy in the best-selling “How to Be Your Dog’s Best Friend.” These days, all the tips I’ve gained from those trainers and more are being put to work with The Girls.

Bridge-the-Lab bulldozed into my life three years this summer.  Kayti-the-Brit came from Missouri to live with Al last October.  And right about that time, Maya–a beautiful balance of Blue Merle Collie and Blue Heeler–sashayed her way into the hearts and home of Al’s son Matt and his fiance Beth.

Individually, our tres amigas are charming.  Together, they are 12-paws and 200 pounds worth of hustle and happiness.

And on May 7, they’re gonna put that good energy to work on behalf of their not-so-fortunate feline and canine compadres.  That’s the date of the Denver Dumb Friends League’s annual fundraiser The Furry Scurry.

Our metro area is so fortunate to have this rehoming resource.  Its placement rate is significantly higher than the U.S. average, and it often assists regional and national shelters overwhelmed by creatures displaced by natural disasters and poor human decisions. The people running it are also picky about the people who adopt, which is good.  And which says good things about my friend Helen (adoptive mom to DDFL calendar kitties Motor and Georgette), Dmitri’s mom Pat and her charming boy Sparky, and our own Beth, who connected with her cats Xander and Jasmine there.

Just a couple weeks ago, when Beth and her Aunt Joy were here for dinner, our collective dog trio was trying our patience, running circles around the kitchen island. When I barked a command that brought all three screeching to a halt and a sit at my feet, Joy began laughing.  “I asked the kids who the alpha of the pack was, and they told me Carla.”

It’s great to be queen.


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