Here comes inspiration

I’ve been a fan of Marianne Williamson ever since learning that it was she, and not Mandela/Dalai Lama/DuBois, who authored the web-favorite “Who are you not to…?” piece.  That little reminder has nudged me into some risks I might not have taken, otherwise. I’m guessing you’ve seen it…if not, here it is:

Recently, Williamson caught my attention again with her suggestion that we actively watch for the Inspirers in our everyday life.  Those people who see a bit beyond where we can. “Lean in” to healthier ways of being. Move beyond the boundaries/barriers that society would understand if they didn’t even attempt to scale.

One of those people, for me, is a woman I have met only by phone.  Her name is Mary, and she’s a veteran operating room circulator.  She’s also the survivor of a horrific auto accident that saw her flown by Flight For Life Colorado to the Level I Trauma Center at St. Anthony Central. Long story short: Mary lost consciousness during her pre-dawn drive to work and her car crashed into the steel-reinforced cage protecting a natural gas installation. The sudden impact resulted in a transection of her aorta and multiple broken bones…including a leg shattered into, quoting her orthopedic surgeon, “too many pieces to count.”

I wrote Mary’s story about a year ago for the St. A’s magazine I’m so fortunate to edit. And I found I couldn’t get her out of my mind. How was she progressing? Was her life anywhere near normal? So I emailed the last address I had and waited. Her response had me smiling all over and sharing the news with her caregivers at the hospital.  Not only was she walking, she was working.  Relocated to St. Louis “…because I’d never lived there before.”  And she had recently married her love.

When I asked permission to share her story here, she said yes…but added that she was surprised it was that significant.

Funny, isn’t it?  How we never quite know when we’re another’s inspiration?

Photo:  Flickr Creative Commons, play4smee


4 Responses to “Here comes inspiration”

  1. I agree. There are those that inspire me….have inspired me from so many years ago….and I wonder if they realize it. Amazing how something we can take for granted and seem insignificant on the “whole” scale can be an inspiration to others. Thanks to you, Carla!

  2. I was subtly trying to say you were an inspiration to me, too. Sure wish I could write like you. You’ve always seemed to have such grace and poise. There are so many wonderful qualities that you have! And thanks! I remember having some good times back at KCOG. Remember Tab and Fresca?

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