Younger than springtime

By kateandcarla

March 19, 2011

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Over lunch a few weeks ago, one of my dearest, slightly younger and most beautiful friends said she had a confession. We hear each other’s mea culpa regularly, with the endpoint always the same: so, what’s the lesson?

“It’s finally hit me,” she began,  “that I will grow old, regardless of what I do.” Despite chemical peels and Botox® and Pilates, “nothing will prevent my becoming that elderly lady I never intended to be.”

 Understand, said her friend (aka, me) who had, just that week, marveled at the “monkey lines” in her mirror and pondered if the small vision deficit was a trade-off sent by some loving goddess. But we weren’t whining, we agreed, we were searching.

We went first to the societal dimension. Never mind that 60 is the “new 40” in Vogue, in life, 60 becomes 70 and 80 and 90. If we’re fortunate. Next, we ventured into the psychological. Is it really as simple as being as young as one feels? What mental health techniques can we employ? Finally, we leaped into the physical. About the best we can do is stay focused on function, we concurred.  Including the one-leg stand-up/sit-down my trainer friend Amanda calls the “so you can use the bathroom by yourself when you’re 80” exercise.

 When I return to Denver after this milestone birthday celebration, I’ll share one more lesson I’ve learned from my first-and-still-teaching Mom. Make gratitude a minute-by-minute practice. Fractured vertebrae? Be grateful for the medications that keep pain manageable. Lost a partner? Give thanks for the happy years you had. Losing flexibility? Never miss a keep-moving exercise session with Joan.

I’ll take her word on it.

Because she’s already planning next year’s birthday celebration

And she just reminded me:  tomorrow is spring.



6 Responses to “Younger than springtime”

  1. Love it! Your mom is really something!

  2. I think your mom has discovered the fountain of youth. While gratitude may not give you more minutes in your life, it does, in my experience, make the minutes you live plumper and juicier.

  3. Oh my I have that picture of our mothers but never knew the other girl in the picture. They all are so pretty. Loved the Younger Than Springtime. Mom would have been 85 on the 13th of March

    • Hi, Jeanette…I’m sure you know now it’s Norma Brinkley, Carolyn Lowe’s mom. Weren’t they three gorgeous young women? Mom tells me the three of them and their three guys were on a picnic that day, and how much fun it was. She was so happy retelling the story. Thanks for your note! C.

  4. Carla, thanks for the information, Mom told the story of them all being on a picnic but couldn’t remember who the other lady was. Love your blogs. I can relate to the “The Mistake” made my day. Jeanette

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