When well enough isn’t good enough

I suppose that Dmitri’s right; I really can’t leave well enough alone.

Like the simple, fudgy brownies that he requests whenever I get the urge to bake (and, ultimately, eat dessert. Which is pretty much always). 

Please, Kate, he pleaded yesterday morning before leaving for work. Don’t add anything, or change anything, or leave out anything. They’re fine. Great, even. I like the recipe you’ve been using.

I’m pretty sure that he suspected that I was in the mood to mess with old faithful.

But this desire of mine stems from the suspicion– the knowledge, really– that, sometimes, well enough simply isn’t.

Well enough can be better.

Like sea salt, dulce de leche, and dark chocolate chunk better.

In the name of full disclosure, none of this recipe is mine; as always, I borrowed from the very best with pride. Here’s how it went down: I mixed up a batch of these: http://www.wuollet.com/bcast_brownies.htm. I poured half of the batter into a buttered-and-foiled 8×8 pan and dollop-swirled several tablespoons of prepared dulce de leche (one more reason I love Texas after our year in Mississippi– it’s sold at the grocery store!) with a knife, added the rest of the batter, and then spooned in more dulce de leche (a la this recipe: http://www.davidlebovitz.com/2006/06/dulce-de-leche/) . Just prior to baking, I sprinkled the whole shebang with a little bit of sea salt (an addition inspired by these incredible looking treats: http://thepioneerwoman.com/tasty-kitchen/recipes/desserts/salted-fudge-brownies/). I also added a handful of dark chocolate chips to a small portion– my portion–just before I slid the wicked heavy pan into the oven.

After letting these puppies hang out in the fridge for an eternity a few hours, Dmitri and I both went a little nuts. Somebody may have also used his index finger to scoop out leftover dulce de leche from the can.

I just wanted a little extra on top of my brownie. Like frosting, he explained.

Looks like somebody’s catching on.


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