Books to build a better world

By kateandcarla

April 5, 2011

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It’s easy– too easy, I think–to feel so overwhelmed by the sheer number of human issues that require more money and more attention than many of us can offer right now that we choose to simply opt out. Not because we don’t care, or because we don’t recognize the value in sharing what we’re so blessed to have, but because sometimes things seem so tangled that it’s hard to figure out how to help and where to start.

Enter today’s discovery: Better World Books, an online store that collects and sells books– both new and used– and uses a portion of their profits to help fund literacy projects around the world. They have a fantastic selection, shipping is free, and shopping there (visit makes it really simple to support worthwile organizations and amazing authors. My mom’s good friend Susan introduced me to BWB a few years ago, and every order I’ve placed– more than I should probably admit, but books are a good habit, right?–has arrived quickly, in really great condition, and with minimal packaging.

I’m not unrealistic; a few good books probably won’t save the world. But a commitment to changing things in little ways- like buying books from an amazing vendor that’s dedicated to promoting equity– seems like a pretty good first step.


2 Responses to “Books to build a better world”

  1. The number of books one should read greatly exceeds the amount of time one has to read them. A good solution (partial, at least) is to be part of a group of widely read friends who share ideas and observations from what they read. It makes for a wider casting of the mind-net in a world of massive information.

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