Fly like an eagle

By kateandcarla

April 6, 2011

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I love Iowa.  It is not only the state where I was born, but my state of mind on more days than you might imagine.  Growing up in a place where understanding seasons is survival, where planting straight rows is a quiet point of pride, and where basic kindness is a constant creates a person with some pretty good qualities, if I do say so.

There’s also a deep love of nature, there. But it clearly has different dimensions from the typical city perspective. Animals serve a purpose. Hunting is part of the culture. At 60, I’m still sorting through a lot of that.  I’ve struck my own bargain with the Universe about what I’ll give for what I’m taking while on this earth. It’s the best I know.

But there’s something natural going on in Iowa that’s making national news and warming every fiber of my being. You can check it out at NPR by clicking here:

As I write this, the eagles of Decorah–a town in northeastern Iowa–have two hatchlings and an egg still waiting.  I refuse to admit how many minutes I spent today, listening to the wind, watching the nest, letting my mind fly. When Mama Eagle shifted slightly and twin fuzzinesses appeared, I smiled all over. And when Papa Eagle flew in for a photo op, well, the grin came back.

I want to thank my first-best-friend Marilyn Sue for sharing the link. She and I spent many hours riding ponies through the fields and lanes and down to the muddy, tree-lined Chariton River.  I like to think that, just maybe, there was an eagle there.

Photo:  U.S. Fish & Wildlife


2 Responses to “Fly like an eagle”

  1. Tell Al I can’t wait to try his biscuit recipe. Arlene had mentioned how delicious they were. Glad to see good pictures of Lily on your Dec. blog. You must take a new generation picture. The one you have doesn’t do any of you justice. Had a few laughs–enjoyed the “tryst” article. Bet your face was red. By the way, does the world get to read my reply???

    • Hi! Yes, the world does get to read your reply…which was really sweet! (Regarding the pictures…you KNOW how much we all love having our photos taken!) So glad you’re enjoying the blogs. Marilyn takes Mom the new one each afternoon, so it gives us all a fun something to discuss. Hope you’re well. And let me know how the biscuits turn out. 😉

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