Spring signs

By kateandcarla

April 7, 2011

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The tulips are blooming, the butterflies are out in full force, and asparagus and artichokes are at their very best. Spring’s here. Finally.

But it’s not asparagus that’s got me all excited. It’s the presence of Cadbury Mini Eggs (hello, deliciousness in your glorious royal purple bag) at every grocery store and gas station that I pop into that really signifies the start of my very, very favorite season (I know, I’m a total sucker for the “seasonally avalable” marketing trick). And although I haven’t purchased any yet, it’s not without good reason.

The truth is, I’m waiting until my moratorium on baking– a sincere attempt to stop spending too much money,wasting so many calories on not-so-healthy foods, and avoiding living in the moment–is over.  Because after finding a truly magical (and possibly life changing) recipe, I’ve decided that I’m going to change my annual tradition of housing an entire bag of Mini Eggs on my own while sitting alone in my car (just kidding. Sort of). Instead, I’m going to make these: http://www.acozykitchen.com/chocolate-chip-easter-egg-cookies/. And this time, I’m definitely going to share.

Yes, today’s discovery isn’t deep, or thoughtful, or particularly significant. But it does involve making my very favorite treat– and perhaps one of yours, as well– even easier to eat. And that, my friends, is definitely worth celebrating.


4 Responses to “Spring signs”

  1. This is so funny, because today I was at Target and saw those eggs and thought of you. 🙂 I still do not understand why you love them so much.

    • Kins, I don’t understand how you don’t share my intense feelings for those delicious little buggers. Thought you had pretty good taste, but perhaps I was mistaken…:)

  2. I will fess up: I bought a bag on sale at Safeway. But I’m proud to report that I’ve successfully rationed my self to 3 eggs per day. ok, somedays 6.

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