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By kateandcarla

April 12, 2011

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While Colorado’s mountains received great snow this past winter, the Denver area remained relatively dry.  So we’re entering spring with the possibility of wildfires a clear and present danger.

Sunday afternoon, the potential proved actual just up the wooded valley from my townhome, and I picked up  one of the reverse 9-1-1 calls that we all know is an excellent public safety measure and all hope we never receive.  It was an immediate evacuation message from the local police, giving exit routes (make that “route,” as there is only one) and listing my street–which is about 50 homes long–by name. I would have been frightened…if I hadn’t been napping with the phones unplugged when the call came.  Bottom line, the entire episode was concluded without my assistance. Thank you, West Metro Fire folks.

As it was, I wandered around my house after the fire fact pondering what I would/should/could have taken, had I (a) been awake and (b) been forced to leave in five minutes. Dog, cat, turtle…and what else? Passport and computer, said the neighbor with whom I compared notes a short time later. Nothing, said Al, just get out and stay safe. (This from Mr. Not-time-to-worry-yet!)

What I know two days later is that that non-event signaled the start of my seriously downsizing/eliminating/giving away. Something that doesn’t merit a single thought of being thrown in the Subaru for a quick emergency trip off the hill probably doesn’t need to be claiming real estate in my home. Or my life. The reverse is true, as well; some heart-held items I haven’t seen for ages will be getting some fresh attention.

As for the dog, the cat and the turtle, I’m thinking of getting three very small fire extinguishers. It could be a long, hot summer.

Photo:  Shari Weinsheimer,


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