How not to spend your time

By kateandcarla

April 13, 2011

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I love information. Useless trivia, obscure statistics, a few facts that I somehow managed to absorb in my high school biology class– I collect all of it. And while time is certainly something we could all use more of, it pains me to admit that mine could definitely be better spent folding laundry, or learning a foreign language, or working through the entire Your Baby Can Read! series with Lily (because, FYI, my baby cannot) than trolling the internet for totally unnecessary info.

I’m fairly certain that this passion for useless useful knowledge is genetic; for years now, my mom and I have each made it a point to visit,, and on a daily basis,  trading multiple emails, Facebook posts, and quick telephone messages in order to share any interesting info that we acquire. But over the last few months, it’s been Dmitri– my quiet, unassuming, much too busy studying emergency aviation procedures to watch reruns of Sex and the City with his wife husband–who’s been providing us with the very best in stuff we definitely didn’t know.

His source? The usually funny (and often crude, so definitely beware), a new-to-us collection of wise and witty takes on topics ranging from science and history to music and film (today, I couldn’t get enough of Five Important People Who Were Screwed Out of History Books-check it out if you have a few minutes to waste). And while I’m not going to promise that all of the Cracked-facts are true, or that the website is the most reliable source of information, it certainly has provided us with plenty of food for thought– and hours and hours of tremendously rewarding distraction.

I’d better sign off; I’m really busy these days. Too busy to vacuum or mow the lawn, and I’m definitely too busy to organize the hall closet. But if you happen to come across any fabulous facts or trivial tidbits you’d like to share, well–I’m pretty sure I might be able to find a few free minutes.


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