Funny bunnies

By kateandcarla

April 17, 2011

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It’s the Easter season. And this is a story of resurrection.

It’s also a story of friendship.

How the two come together is the subject of the photo you see above.  It was taken on Easter Sunday 13 years ago, when I was emerging from what was probably the most difficult year of my life. 

The Little Miss Sunshine on your left is Susan, a native of Summersville, West Virginia.  The Blonde Bunny on your right is Kristy, hailing from Casper, Wyoming.  I split the geographical distance with home territory in Iowa. We found each other through the course of work–all are writers–but have grown closer than any of us might have imagined because Life has a way of throwing curveballs and sliders as well as perfect pitches.

During “The Year that Was,” one of these ladies would call daily, just after she knew Kate was off to school. She would laugh later that I was the only person she knew who scheduled her breakdown for 9 to 5. The other bunny showed up at my house when my cash flow wasn’t, opening her checkbook to help me through a dark and stormy day. (Seriously, it was storming. Big time.)

Actually, I got my act together in pretty short order.  Which was good, because one of these pals entered her own holy-moly, what did I do to deserve this? years. Cross-country move, divorce, aging parents. My turn to kick in. Then it was Pal #3’s season of say what?!?  Critically ill husband, major back surgery, mom with dementia. You got a friend in us.

I’ve been thinking how the Easter theme gets played out over and over in our lives. There are blessings and betrayals, deaths and resurrections. To have people who love us enough to stay with us through it all, helping us roll the stones away, is nothing less than a miracle.

Seems a little like a divine plan, doesn’t it?


4 Responses to “Funny bunnies”

  1. I have had more fun with the two of you during many of my bad times than I have had during the good times with most other people. What a blessing you both are. : )

  2. Beautifully put, Carla!! Just perfect.

  3. So lovely…and so true. The best friends are the ones who can make us laugh when we’re thinking about the advantages of starting our cars and sucking on the exhaust pipes. You’ve certainly helped me through those kinds of moments!

    • And you, me. Was thinking about a day when I was drowning in work and you stepped in…also the time in 1986 when you threatened me with, “If you don’t unpack that Mac this morning and start using a computer I WILL be there this afternoon.” Thanks, Rebecca!

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