Baking with Brooke

By kateandcarla

April 23, 2011

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Sometimes Life surprises you with a gift so perfect you find yourself grateful beyond words. Brooke, the young woman whose “discovery” blog appears below, is one of those for me. She is my gorgeous daughter by grace, delivered from California to Colorado as the wife of Al’s son Jeff. Her own sweet mama was the proprietor of a very successful tea shoppe in Bakersfield…so when Brooke says a recipe is worth the energy, believe her. 😉 Carla

I’ve recently re-fallen in love with baking!

Being an extreme-sugar sensitive, and assuming my son likely inherited the same burden (I’ve since learned he has), I’ve worked hard to provide home-cooked, whole, seasonal meals the first five years of his life. I’ve deliberately underexposed him to the bounty of sweets most kids enjoy, and I’ve been quite successful – I baked cinammon rolls the other day and realized he had never seen, nor heard of them!

Michael Pollan, of Omnivore’s Dilemma fame, writes that we can eat all the junk food we want…as long as the junk food is home made.

So I’ve softened. I’ve realized we all need just a little ‘junk food’ in our lives. Especially if it’s warm, fresh cinnamon rolls, whole grain muffins, or lemon poppyseed bread, right out of the oven, baked by Mom herself.

I’ve been largely influenced by food bloggers, especially Shauna Ahern, the Gluten Free Girl ( Her site showcases gorgeous photos of her amazing creations, snippets of her life intertwined with good, smart kitchen tips – a lot like this lovely blog by Kate and Carla.

It is so gratifying to produce treats that meet varying diet restrictions – we’re wheat, dairy and egg-free in my home – that taste unbelievably delicious and are ravished almost immediately by my loved ones.

And did I mention the alone time? Ah, the alone time…I might play some music and sing. I might listen to and marvel at the quiet. I might feel pensive. Or I may just focus on the task, itself – using my heart and my hands to create wholesome, sweet treats for the ones I love.

Ah, life is really a sweet treat, isn’t it?


4 Responses to “Baking with Brooke”

  1. Carla the six degrees of separation are in full swing. Brooke mentioned Shauna Ahern as one of her influences. Shauna’s husband, Dan, grew up with Dylan in summit county. How wierd is that?

  2. My niece’s children had never heard of cinnamon rolls either and they were older than five. Now they know what they are. I like that idea……you can eat as long as it is homemade. Makes sense for this grandma. 🙂

  3. Small world….Marvin’s oldest brother lives around Bakersfield, CA. I’ve been doing some baking myself this morning; glad to know that home made sweets are OK.

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