Read me a story…

When we asked our blog friends to share their discoveries, Julie–teacher, mom, mentor and a spirited free-thinker–sent us this:

” I’m late to the party, but I’m discovering audiobooks. I finally pulled the trigger on an audiobook of my own after spending quite a bit of money downloading books for my daughter: Junie B. Jones, Magic Tree House, Nancy Drew, Magic School Bus. Every night after our reading ritual, she falls asleep to the sounds of a narrator weaving magic through storytelling. On the few occasions I’ve fallen asleep in her bed, I was also lulled to sleep by the adventures and misadventures of characters who appeal to all ages. That Junie B.”

Now, Julie says, it’s her turn.

Maybe it was the $20 cost, maybe it was the fear of commitment to an 18-hour long book, or maybe it was deep-seated feeling that I was ‘cheating’ by listening instead of reading myself, but I have to admit that even as I type this, I’m anxious to get off the computer, put on my traditional headphones (no uncomfortable earphones for this girl), and see what’s happening with Minnie in The Help.

“Thank goodness for risk-taking. Thank goodness for a little extra money in my account this month (no thanks to the IRS, mind you), and thank goodness for audiobooks. Even after only 4 hours in, I’m hooked.”

Well, Julie, I’m no less a fan…and even more frugal.  Audiobooks have made me a library lover, all over again. This week, alone, I have enlisted James Patterson to tell me a murder mystery in Private so I could clean my house without whining  and Elizabeth Gilbert to read Eat, Pray, Love so I could calmly navigate rush-hour Tech Center traffic. And if I meet my deadline today, my bonus is a trip to our beautiful Belmar library for more books-on-CD for next week.

Now for my newest tale-talking temptation:  All the books I want to hear for a few bucks a month. Thanks, Kate, for the site.  And I promise not to invest your entire inheritance.  😉

Photo:  D Sharon Pruitt, Flickr Creative Commons


3 Responses to “Read me a story…”

  1. Love it! Even better? I was in my car, waiting for a meeting, listening to an audiobook while I saw this on my Blackberry.

  2. And the audiobook playing was….? 😉

  3. Great post! I love doing my chores with a good story. I can never commit to a whole novel-length book, so I prefer podcasts! Most are free on itunes and are a great way to hear good stories in small digestible chunks (15 minutes to an hour). My favorites are Radiolab, This American Life, and The Moth. For a laugh, check out Judge John Hodgman and NPR-geek game show Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me.

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