By kateandcarla

May 5, 2011

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Dear Sticky Note Putter-Upper:

Perhaps you saw me today. I was the 60ish woman in the mismatched workout clothes who was trying to decide between the fat-free and the lite Cool-Whip at the King Soopers on Green Mountain. It was there that  your yellow note, pasted on the freezer case by the Skinny Cow bars (love that name), caught my attention.  And because I didn’t have my glasses, I did have to step back and squint to read it: So, how’s that hope and change thing working out for you?

Pretty well, actually. 

But I’m guessing that’s because my “hope and change thing” didn’t begin with a campaign slogan a few years but in a little farming community in 1950s southern Iowa.

Hope.  That was another way of saying, “We will plant these seeds in the belief that, in their season and with our nurturance, we’ll have a crop to support our families.” The droughts, hail storms, tornadoes, grasshoppers, heart attacks and heart break…possibilities, all. And if they occurred, you’d work with your neighbors from before dawn until after dark so you’d all get through. And you’d sit next to each other in the pews come Sunday and pray for the strength to keep your promises.

Change. That was code for “C’mon, kids. So, you may not have the biggest and best school facility in the midwest. Not to worry. We, your teachers and parents and elders,  have full confidence that you can take what’s provided you here and become strong citizens of character and conscience. It’s your responsibility to take our principles and productivity to the next level.” Yep. That “standing on the shoulders of giants” thing.

And I’ll be darned if it didn’t happen. Hope and change worked.

I have held on to those first lessons these last three years as the recession has pounded people in my industry. I can’t begin to guess how many free resumes I’ve written for people trying to find work. I can’t change their situation, but I can help by showing them how the achievements and actions of their careers can be reconfigured so they can go out again…with hope. And while progress is slow, I can tell you there are signs that the economy is shifting here in Colorado.

But, back to you, mystery note writer.  I’m guessing that you either (a) attended Ms. Palin’s speech here in Denver last weekend or (b) subscribe to her  vision. Maybe both. That’s your absolute right, and one which I’ll defend, even if I don’t understand.

Oh, and one last thing.  Like millions of others, I have hoped for the past 10 years that one man who has symbolized death and destruction would be brought to justice. This week, he was. And I, personally, think we may now see a world change  in some ways we could never have imagined.

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2 Responses to “sticky”

  1. Well put! As always.

  2. Love this. Thank you for articulating the thoughts in my mind. You do it very beautifully I might add.

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