Ten thousand thank yous

By kateandcarla

May 12, 2011

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Last weekend, Dmitri and I bought a new camera. He’s been researching the latest models for a while now, and although I swore that I could think of a hundred better other ways to spend the money, I gave him the go-ahead; his oh-so-sincere emotional appeal—don’t you want to capture every single special moment with Lily?—was pretty convincing.

After a few days and a plethora of not-so-great shots, I’m starting to feel a little more comfortable using it– and although a photography career is definitely not in my future, I’m really beginning to appreciate the clarity and precision and vivid details that our new camera makes possible (note: please ignore the banana bread that someone apparently mashed into the couch this morning when I wasn’t looking). Because although I do want to capture every single special moment with Lily, I am most grateful that the photos we’ll take– and, for better or for worse :), post on our blog– will help us to keep track of so many special moments for Lily.

 When we began our blogging project nearly six months ago, my mom and I both wanted to push our writing-selves out of our respective comfort zones; we decided that a daily commitment would be a much-needed exercise in discipline. But we also hoped that our collection of essays and images would provide Miss Lily with a record of what two women in her life were doing and thinking and feeling during her first year.

What’s actually transpired, however, is so much better–and bigger– than we ever could have imagined. Earlier this week, our blog had its 10,000th page view, and when my mom called to tell me, we had another sitting-silently-on-the-phone event. Because instead of just providing uswith a place to capture our thoughts and share photos, this scrapbook-of-sorts has allowed us to connect and re-connect with our real-time friends and family in  beautiful and totally unexpected ways. You guys have  shared your own stories and your own insights and your own discoveries—and you’ve helped us to feel like we’re part of a really wonderful community composed of very different people, from very different parts of the world, with very different beliefs and backgrounds.

On behalf of both of us, thank you– ten thousand times–for your thoughtful comments, your thougt-provoking questions, and your constant support. We’re so very excited to see what the next six months will bring ALL of us.

– Kate


One Response to “Ten thousand thank yous”

  1. You already know I’m the biggest fan….possibly….of your blog. I love each and every post by you and by your mom. Truly a great effort and wonderful outcome. I, too, can’t wait for the next six months. Oh, and, I’ve just printed this picture for my desk. 😉

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