Just as long as you stand by me…

By kateandcarla

May 16, 2011

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Photo: Therese and Kinsley, Christmas 2010

About a month ago, I was watching the Today show and happened to catch a reunion interview with the cast of Stand by Me. The movie, based on Stephen King’s novella  The Body, has always been one of my very favorites, and the actors’ nostalgia was definitely contagious; it wasn’t long before I was reminiscing about my own pre-teen pals and  the trouble we got into lessons we learned during those crucial growing-up years.

The truth is, I’ve made incredible friends–truly amazing and accepting and totally inspiring friends that I plan to know for the rest of my life– in the decade and a half that have followed my twelfth year. But there will always be a very special place in my heart for the select few  who’ve seen me–awkward and insecure and covered in zit cream–through bad haircuts, bad breakouts, bad boyfriends, and reeeeeally bad nights (sorry again, Mom. We’ll probably be sorry forever).

So tomorrow morning, Lily and I will hop into the car, drive a few hours north, and greet Therese and Kinsley, two of the gals who’ve been in my life for longer than not. They’re flying in–between nursing shifts and graduate courses–for some long-overdue catch-up, and I couldn’t be more excited– or more touched by their willingness to make the trek to South Texas. And if I know these girls– and you can bet that, for better or worse, I do 🙂 — there will be lots of laughter, plenty of great food, and probably even some zit cream (because, unfortunately for me, some things never change).

And while we have all certainly grown and evolved, I’m pretty sure that Gordie, Vern, Teddy, and Chris had it right: you never have friends like you had when you were 12.  


One Response to “Just as long as you stand by me…”

  1. Re: Reeaaaaaly Bad Nights…
    The Good Mother says: “Oh, girls, I forgave you long ago.”
    The Evil Mother says: “Hmmm…blog-worthy?”

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