If you like pina coladas…

By kateandcarla

May 18, 2011

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…then we have something in common. But here’s my difficult truth: after (6 legal!) years of imbibing occassionally, I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that I can’t hold my liquor. Or beer. Or wine. In fact, even a single drink makes me feel pretty terrible these days, and although there’s definitely something about a tropical-tasting adult beverage that signifies summer (or even just a girls-only mid-week trip to San Antonio) and forces me to think about relaxing on some tropical beach with a trashy book,  it’s really the made-in-heaven combo of pineapple and coconut– and not the alcohol–that gets me all riled up.

So when I found this recipe for banana mango muffins (find it here: http://eatliverun.com/banana-mango-muffins/ — and I knew it would be amazing because every single one of the recipes from this site that I’ve tried have been fantastic), I immediately made plans to sub out the mango for some of the incredibly sweet and perfect fresh pineapple that has been one of our fridge staples for the last month (seriously, I haven’t eaten this much pineapple since my 38th week of pregnancy when I read somewhere that eating lots of it–especially the core–could send you into labor. No luck, but I did end up with a pretty sweet sore in my mouth. Sorry, TMI for sure). And while one day I imagine that I’ll try eliminating half of the sugar called for, subbing coconut oil for canola, and using quinoa flour instead of white, these look pretty darn good as-is.

So while plenty of people (and hopefully you!) will soon be vacationing near the water, frosty glasses in hand, I’ll be munching of muffins.

Drinks, schminks, and beach, smeach– I’d rather (over)eat my calories anyway :).


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