prayer chain

By kateandcarla

May 24, 2011


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There is something about the old practice of the prayer chain that I find tenderly sacred. It’s captured perfectly in this poem by Tim Nolan. I wish I had his permission to reprint it here, but since I don’t, just trust me:  it’s worth a click.  

Growing up in southern Iowa in the 50s and 60s, I was a guest in many homes with handwritten lists of who’s-to-call-whom hanging on the wall by the telephone. And yes, many of those telephones–including the one that rang the Thompsons via two short rings on the party line north of Promise City 😉 –looked quite similar to the one shown here.

I’ve been thinking about prayer chains today, ever since I read my friend Joy’s Facebook page.  Like me, she’s lived in Denver forever. But before forever, there was southern Missouri…not far from Joplin. She tells us her family, there, is safe; her husband’s family home is not. Hour by hour, the conversation builds, post upon post, prayer upon prayer.  Someone has heard from someone else.  Someone has turned on the television/logged on the computer/got tweeted on Twitter.  New technologies serving the same sweet purpose.

Because Joy and I have worked in the same industry and share many friends, I recognize not only the names, but the diversity of belief that flows through this litany. She’s an openly eclectic, live-and-inspire-others sorta gal. So you got your Buddhist next to your Baptist, and your agnostic agreeing with your atheist, and your energy workers right by your evangelicals.  And to use one of her favorite phrases, it’s all good.

On behalf of those of us in Colorado, to those of you in the Midwest dealing with this disaster, you are so in our hearts.

And in our prayers.

Photo:  Karen’s Whimsy Public Domain


One Response to “prayer chain”

  1. I am still on the prayer chain from my long attended church up in the mountains. I don’t know every single person anymore but it is so comforting to know friends exist, both near and far, and if needed they are there to listen to our prayers and concerns. Makes this gloomy day a bit brighter!

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