Salad > butter. Sometimes.

By kateandcarla

June 5, 2011

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Before I met Dmitri, I believed it was my destiny to marry into Paula Deen’s family. Her boys were handsome, yes, but my true motive was clear: any woman who creates recipes that consistently call for multiple sticks of butter is a woman I’d like to regularly sit down for a meal with. Plus, she’s charming and lovely and brazen in a way that only real Southern women are—and although  I’m decidedly not Southern,  I always imagined that I could absorb a little bit of essential Paula-ness just by spending a bit of time at her table.

Alas Fortunately for me (and probably the health of my heart), my charming and funny and very healthy husband showed up and replaced many of my silly dreams with a better-than-I-could-have-hoped-for reality. And for a while, I forgot—mostly—about the ridiculously butter-and-sugar-laden foods that once invaded most of my waking thoughts.

I forgot—sort of–about Velveeta fudge.

I forgot—kind of–about gooey butter cakes.

And I almost forgot about this totally summery and satisfying salad (find the recipe here: ) that takes care of my nearly constant craving for sweet and salty. But, really, how could I let this one go? It’s healthy and yummy and beautiful, to boot—and now that watermelon is available, not-too-expensive, and on the verge of being  reeeeally good, I’m pretty sure it is going to be my summer staple.

If I were Paula—or even a little bit like Paula—I would recommend that ya’ll dash off to the market for some watermelon (and, while you’re there, pick up some extra butter and sugar—you’ll need it for something, soon), but because there are still too many likes and totallys and awesomes in my current vocabulary to make a drawl sound authentic in the least, all I can offer is this: watermelon and feta?

A totally awesome combo.


5 Responses to “Salad > butter. Sometimes.”

  1. Honey, if you love sweet and salty (as I do) I have three words for you: Bacon Buttermilk Pralines. Sounds weird. Tastes RIDICULOUSLY great! And you’re now the second person I’ve known to mention Velveeta Fudge. I have to know more about that! That other person (my friend Dan) and I plan to have a White Trash party at which everyone has to bring some really low-class but great food. (Twinkiemasu, anyone? 🙂

    • Oh, Rebecca, you are leading my girl astray-er. 😉 I actually had that wonderful “White Trash Cookbook” (source of my favorite “Mama’s Gone to Town Fudge”) but a three-year-old Kate chose to autograph most of the pages ‘n pix with a blue marker. C.

    • BACON BUTTERMILK PRALINES?! You know, I contemplate vegetarianism almost daily… and then I hear about something magical sounding, like these pralines you speak of, and all of my resolve just flies out the window. Serious yum. Truth be told, I’ve never actually made Velveeta fudge, but it just sounds so amazing! I ❤ (fake)cheese and chocolate. And Ms. Paula Deen has a recipe for bread pudding made with Krispy Kremes, fruit cocktail, and 3 additional cups of sugar. Can I bring that to your party? 🙂

  2. Velvet fudge? Krispy Kreme bread pudding?!
    Holy heart failure, Batman!

  3. Even the darn auto-correct can’t believe you can out Velveeta in fudge. : )

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