faith of our children

By kateandcarla

June 7, 2011

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On Sunday, a photo shot nine years and nearly 5,000 miles from here appeared on Kate’s Facebook page.  I know the image well. It was taken by her classmate, Zachary Watkins, in 2002 when we were touring the Cathedral at Chartres.  Neither she nor I knew he had captured it.  I, personally, was much more interested in walking the labyrinth, the sacred path of prayer in this UNESCO World Heritage Site. And Kate was working to keep her mom from melting down and mouthing off after some tour detours.

Today, that photograph hangs in my library, the tiny room that holds not only my favorite books, but symbols of my eclectic belief. The 6 x 9 space where a Christ light burns, our Lady of Guadalupe blesses, the Dalai Lama smiles, photos of people I love who have passed shine from the top shelf, a Masai breastplate glows and the snakeskin I found in a time of crisis nestles next to my Lakota flute. This is a tableau of my faith.

But seeing the pic in today’s new light has me thinking about the faith of the Class of 2002.  These kids’ high school years were, as I’ve noted before, bookended by the shootings at Columbine on one side and the devastation of 9/11 on the other. Whatever belief one has been given as a small child can be challenged beyond belief during events like these. It would be easy for anyone to slip into a self-centered life and feel justified.  And I know some who chose that course.

Not so, in this instance. From the Rangeview High School class of 2002 has come not only Zachary the photographer, but Brian the amazing artist, Kate the literacy instructor (and Lily’s mom!), Tessa the elementary teacher, Mackenzie, the military dog trainer, Therese the neurosciences nurse, Dmitri the Navy pilot, Kinsley the pediatric nurse and more. Believing in a better future, a healthier nation, a stronger country and the power of a creative life, these young people have put their hearts and heads into careers that serve others while fulfilling personal dreams.

Faith meeting function.

I believe in that.

Carla – 6.7.11

Photo:  (c) 2002. Zachary Watkins. All rights reserved. Reprinted with permission.


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