Almost coffee ice cream (and weird conversations with well-intentioned total strangers)

By kateandcarla

June 10, 2011

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First things first: This is a post about ice cream. Specifically, rich and creamy healthy-ish almost coffee ice cream that you can eat as a mid-morning snack and still feel like your after-dinner Nutella treat is totally acceptable.

Second: I am definitely not pregnant (although the grandfatherly gentleman who approached me at Target yesterday afternoon alerted me that this is a real problem; apparently, Lily desperately needs a sibling and, considering that she’s 14 months old,  I’ve waited almost too long. Weird and slightly inappropriate fodder for conversation with a TOTAL STRANGER, right?!). But this wicked craving for cold, creamy coffee that has plagued me since my mother and I managed to knock out a pint of Starbucks’ mocha chip in about three minutes during our Iowa getaway a few weeks ago? It’s almost as intense as my hormonal-hankering for Taco Bell (circa August 2009) that just wouldn’t quit.


Unfortunately, even my not-pregnant ice cream refusal skills– and my ability to stop at a single serving– are pretty much non-existant. So when yesterday’s impossible to ignore desire for coffee ice cream became almost unmanageable, I got a little desperate creative.

Frozen chunks of very ripe banana? Check.

Half a packet of Via instant coffee powder? Check.

A few tablespoons of plain yogurt? Check.

A teaspoon of vanilla? Check.

Chocolate chips? Perfect.

I tossed all of this into the food processor, blended it for a minute or so, topped it with a few walnut halves, and ate it with a spoon. And then I made more. Seriously, you have to try this. Not quite ice cream, but close enough to satisfy a serious craving, energizing enough to help you me through a totally awkward conversation with someone you’ve I’ve never met before, and healthy enough to cancel out a real dessert– or even Taco Bell take-out :).


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