Baby steps

After several months of cruising around with one hand on the wall or the coffee table or the sofa, Lily is fully and independently mobile.

It’s been a process, for sure. For a while, she would hold her hand out and politely request assistance. Walk? But now, it isn’t a question. Walk, she says, just before hoisting herself up and propelling herself forward, guided by momentum and gumption and the knowledge that she can choose where to go and how to get there.

I didn’t, however, expect this last and final not-a-baby-anymore benchmark to feel quite like this. While all of the other major milestones have been surprisingly emotional events (for me, of course), something has shifted. It’s almost as if the toolbox that Dmitri and I have been helping her pack for the last fourteen months is complete,  for the time being–and now we need to let her go and explore and try those new tools out. There have already been more bumps and bruises and cuts and scrapes than I’m entirely comfortable with, and I’m sure that part will take some getting used to. But the truth is, there’s something really amazing about watching a little tiny person begin to engage with the world in an entirely new that’s more exhilarating than terrifying.

 I’m not going to lie; sometimes I get a little clutchy when she gets too close to sharp corners or stumbles a little on the tile floor. But all three of us are working, actively, to keep our balance.

First, carpet—next, concrete.

Baby steps.


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