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June 20, 2011

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My favorite scenes in the movie City of Angels are those in which the angels gather in the libraries and along the shoreline. Both are places I hold sacred, so it makes sense to me they would.

Which is why, I’m sure, those scenes came to mind a few months ago when I received this photo for use in the magazine I write for St. Anthony Hospital. It was taken by facilities guru Tim Keenan, the guy who has helped guide the creation of the amazing new hospital from before-the-blueprints through this past week’s physical move.  (And yes, Cindy, Tim and I have met. 😉  The setting is the Procedural Waiting Area –the gathering place for family members and close friends of those having scans and surgeries and such.

My spiritual energy friend Holly had just shared with me photos of a close family gathering in which small light orbs covered the image. Spirit presences, she’d answered when I asked. Where there is great love, there is great light.

A few weeks ago, when the new hospital facility was complete, I was present as architectural photographer Michael Peck http://www.michaelpeckphoto.com/ wrapped his shoot of the ICU. St. A’s is a Level I trauma center, so the ICU sees some of the region’s most seriously injured and ill.  The building has been designed so that each of the many ICU patient rooms has natural light, flowing through skylights above the Procedural Waiting Area. As Michael and I were discussing the energy it brought, I happened to mention the orbs in Tim’s photo.  Michael grinned  and said, “Angels.”

Our small group agreed that, given the presence the Sisters have had at St. Anthony Central for the past 119 years, it made sense that some of these faithful, fun and feisty women who served with such compassion before would want to be part of this welcoming party now.

Any of us who have waited in such spaces remember the watch-watching, breath-catching experience.  A little compassion goes a mighty long way. So this morning, as the first family members and friends gather in this garden-like space, waiting for news, for outcomes, for their loved ones, I like knowing–as best as we can know–that they’re anything but alone.

“All night, all day, angels watching over me…”

Photo by Tim Keenan (c) 2011. Reprinted with permission.


One Response to “waiting”

  1. If you love great photos of the old Spanish missions, do click on Michael Peck’s website. Amazing work. C.

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