You’re not the boss of me

By kateandcarla

June 21, 2011

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Although the time I spent teaching high school was amazing and fulfilling and totally enlightening, sometimes I still have nightmares about standing in front of a class full of high school freshmen who have just totally refused to read/participate/complete whatever assignment I’ve just handed them. The dream scene definitely rivals the real-life scenario, and that feeling– the you’re soooooo not in charge anymore feeling–paralyzes me every time.

I suppose I assumed that my experience working with teenagers (and, um, being a teenager :)) had totally prepared me for the inevitable push-back from my own little toddler-teacher– and I guess that, in many ways, it has. But today, when she threw down her cup, knocked the plastic dish of Cheerios of my hand, and proceeded to climb the entertainment center for the hundredth time, I immediately developed a familiar knot in my stomach. Because the look that accompanied her mini-tantrum? It was definitely the same look that I received, over and over again, from angry/bored/hormonal teenagers who wanted to be anywhere but sitting  in my English class.

But this time, somehow, I didn’t freeze. I reminded her– in the steadiest voice I could manage– that climbing the T.V. stand is dangerous and that throwing and hitting are totally unsafe and unacceptable. Then, I attempted to remind myself that this–the icky and uncomfortable and completely age-appropriate resistance–is totally necessary for her development as a well-adjusted and well-mannered member of society. And I think that maybe, finally, I am ready for the lesson that I was too young and inexperienced and insecure to understand when I was teaching: that a little bit of opposition is a gut-check invitation to remember what you believe, where you stand, and what you ultimately want.

And for my crabby little miracle of a girl? I want it all– even if all requires a few (hundred) tantrums, time-outs, slammed doors, and, later, under-her-breath swears.

Today? I think we covered all of ’em (minus, of course, the swears, although she definitely says “Daddy” pretty forcefully–over and over again– when she’s mad at me). Apparently, the role of good cop has already been assigned.

I guess I didn’t get the part.

Wish me luck :).


6 Responses to “You’re not the boss of me”

  1. Good luck! You’re better prepared than you think. 😉

  2. Such a great blog today! They do show their independence….but then, we really wouldn’t want it any other way, would we? Those experiences are all a part of growing.

    • I think you’re right, Dottie– not seeking independence would be more concerning. But being the bad guy definitely takes some getting used to :). Hope you’re doing well!

  3. This is the reason God made her so cute-to keep you from either flipping out or Fed Exing her off somewhere!!Isnt it amazing seeing her become Lily!! her own little person??Almost scary but she will be tuffstuff like her folks!! and only know love and support so relax Mommy-you too are amazing and will always have plenty to blog about and your faithful followers will be cheering you on in good times and bad!!!!Love to all!!!

    • You crack me up, Colleen. You’re definitely right, and watching her grow into this independent and increasingly self-sufficient little person is AWESOME! I feel so luck to be part of this particular experiment :). Are you guys getting excited about your trip?

    • “…or Fed Exing her off somewhere…”

      (Kate, expect prepaid labels by Fed Ex today. ❤ Mom)

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