dumbbells and wiseguys

The one-and-only Coach Fred Hanna once pronounced me the princess of phys ed excuses.  Actually, I don’t believe he used the word princess, more like, “Cut the crap, Carla, and get out there.” Taking a full hour between English and algebra to change clothes and get sweaty and change clothes seemed quite uncivilized. But the fact that I was chubby and uncoordinated possibly had something to do with my attitude.

So, how is it that I find myself, 45 years later, paying for the privilege of lifting weights, crunching abs–and yes, sweating? The credit and blame belongs to the people in this photo and a few other of my workout friends at Core & More on Green Mountain.

I arrived at my first session about four years ago, less than enthused but knowing that weights and resistance are the best defense against bone loss as we age. And osteoporosis runs in our family. But studio owner Amanda Burroughs offers  a class model that creates friendships as fast as it burns calories.  Within the first year, the small group with whom I regularly worked out had shared family tragedies, personal achievements, job transitions and the usual change/challenge mix that makes life all it is.

For the first time, I felt what it’s like to work as a team with a physical goal–something kids in sports learn automatically.  And, with everyone else, I learned to laugh through the less than optimal moments that come with exercise.  Let’s just say that Rodney Dangerfield’s classic flatulence question, “What?! Did somebody step on a duck?” has been called into play more than once.

Last night we gathered after workout, as we occasionally do, to catch up over dinner. I’m confident my bones and heart are  healthier because these of these guys’ encouragement,  friendly competition and good-natured hassling.

And I know my life is infinitely richer.

(L-R) Mark, Judy,  Sue, Carla, Jennie, Amanda and Laurie. 😉


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