Vacation bites

By kateandcarla

June 29, 2011

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Image by vnysia via Flickr

I’ve finding that out-of-town guests have a really wonderful way of encouraging us to see our home with new eyes. While our current location won’t actually be home for very much longer, it has  certainly taken on some decidedly familiar qualities, and we’ve adopted the requisite boring-but-totally-necessary-when-you’re-somewhere-for-any-extended-period routines and habits. But when friends on vacation come to visit us? Well, we get to pretend like we’re on vacation, too.

So when Matt and Beth came to Texas for a quick visit last week, we played tourists in our own town and did some of the stuff we’d just never gotten around to doing: we finally made it to the seafood bar and grill that townies and out-of-towners love equally; we walked around downtown, admiring the sea wall; and we totally pigged out on cupcakes from the too-cute bakery that we’ve seen a million times but never had any excuse to visit. (I know– one never really needs an excuse to eat cupcakes, right?)

While we all agreed that plain old vanilla was the clear winner, there was just something about the mini-bites of chocolate-chipped red velvet– usually Beth’s favorite flavor– that has made it difficult for me to stay focused, organized, or even mildly productive this (intended nose-to-the-grindstone and back-on-some-semblance-of-a-healthy-eating-plan) week. But  totally invasive cravings call for desperate measures, and so–with our Colorado friends in mind–I’m declaring a vacation hour this afternoon and making these ridiculous and unnecessary cake balls:

And then I will eat too many of them and feel totally ok about it because I’m on vacation– and everyone knows that vacation calories don’t count.

Au revoir, my friends. I must tend to the cake in my kitchen.

(And Beth? There will definitely be a few leftover bites that have your name written all over them :)).


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