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It’s almost July.  It’s almighty hot. And I’m altogether in a non-cooking mode.

So when Kate told me she’d ordered a grilled chicken caesar salad for dinner last weekend, it set me thinking. Why do we keep The Green Leaf Family in the chill drawer? And did my mom know something I didn’t when she wilted leaf lettuce with a sweet-sour vinaigrette for summer suppers? http://www.livingwithenergyiniowa.com/wilted-leaf-lettuce-salad

When I Googled “grilled romaine” recipes, I found one from every Food Channel host and a half-dozen chefs more.  Alton Brown was about to win when this option from cute little Bobby Flay caught my attention: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/bobby-flay/grilled-romaine-salad-with-spicy-caesar-dressing-recipe/index.html  

That was before working out. Afterwards, tired and sweating even more, if that’s possible (because I have this cost/benefit arrangement with my air conditioner), I began wondering if you could stir fry all the ingredients instead of firing up a grill.  The answer is a delicious yes. Chopped romaine, fresh basil, rotisserie chicken, cracked pepper and garlic sauteed in olive oil for mere seconds and finished with a dusting of parmesan is quite lovely.  Especially with a generous glass of chardonnay.



2 Responses to “wilted”

  1. I’m sure your mom got the recipe for the wilted lettuce from your Grandma Thompson. My mom always fixed in the summer with lettuce from the garden. Love it!

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