sayonara, shelley

By kateandcarla

July 2, 2011

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Please be advised that Miss Shelley Hardesty-Carwile has hauled shell from Lakewood to Westminster, Colorado, where she is happily cohabiting with several others of her species, chaperoned by a former CU reptile professor.

Yes, Shelley has gone.  The decision to tell her goodbye was difficult, in great part because she arrived here within days of her mom/our friend Gail’s passing last year. Turtle Girl taught me more than I ever would have imagined. I now officially speak reptile.

But if my near-term dreams come true, I’ll be spending considerably more time with one growing grandgirl in Texas, followed by Florida, then who knows? And while I eventually did come to terms with feeling like Anne Boleyn’s executioner when delivering the daily nightcrawler to Shelley’s terrarium, not a whole lot of people seemed eager to fill in while I was away. 😉

Now, here’s the cool part. I told my friend Kristy that we needed a new residence for the little earth goddess.  She shared with a friend, who just “coincidentally” happened to meet Lannie, a reptile wildlife rehabilitator, at a weekend seminar. So in about 48 hours, emails flew, phone calls were placed, arrangements made. I do love how the Universe works for all its beings when they work together.

So, Friday afternoon, Al and I delivered Shelley and her gear to her new digs, where Lannie’s seven-year-old grandson was more than delighted to show the girl around. We left feeling good about all creatures great and small.

Farewell, preciosa tortuga.

And thanks.

Photo:  Miss Asia says sayonara.


2 Responses to “sayonara, shelley”

  1. I think Miss Asia is saying, “You mean I really don’t get to eat that thing–not even play with it a little?!”

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